Thursday, 5 March 2009

[Let Them Eat Cake]

I recently took a trip to Paris with my loverr for my birthday. It was a wonderful and romantic affair to die for, everything down to the little cafes, le tower de Eiffel, et chic Parisian woman with berries on, little french poodles (tha french love their dogs) and the wonder 'les crepes' was all i expected it to be and more. Such a magical and pretty city! I couldn't resist the cheap tourists shops and bought myself a 'gold' Eiffel tower keyring which was really the only thing i brought but it was 'Les Versailles that impressed me the most. Marie Antoinette has always interested me greatly, I watched Sophia Coppolas interpretation starring Kirsten Dunst and even though the film isn't oscar winning material, you cannot deny its such a visually stunning movie, the costumes and the scenery is exquisite. I had to see Marie Antoinette's Palace for real and its Pink! And Then to my delight I found a fashion shoot done at 'Les Versailles' showing the grounds. Take a peek :)

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