Saturday, 7 February 2009

[Whats Mossy Been Up To?]

Ahhh the many faces of the Moss continues.. Fronting 4 new campaigns this year already...Looking exotic and sexy in the new Roberto Cavali ad's, (which I'm not personally a fan of but Mossy u still look sexy as hell) Stella Mcartney screams Kate's own style...Stella always seems to get it spot on! Longchamp ad campagnes also starring Sasha Pivovarova, Kate still grabs the spotlight looking impossibly fresh and uber cool. My least favorite is Versace.... Kate looks like a mermaid..... and this is typical of donatella... :)
Never tha less Kate Moss is still my favourite supermodel and muse of my very own... :)
Go Moss and because of you I am tempted to cut off all my hair and sport a messy bob too!

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