Sunday, 15 February 2009

[61 Sentences About Kate... Er Yes Please.]

There are 12 fashion covers for I-D Magazines current issue, and obviously I was going to pick Kate Moss's cover. Its features 61 sentences about her and I am pleased to say she sounds like my kinda gal, disclosing information such as being kept awake at night by 'good friends and a bottle of wine' and her favourite tipple is a vodka and tonic! (mine too!!) She also claims she used to have to scrabble for change down the back of her sofa when sharing a gaff with photographer Corrine Day.... so all in all I still love kate terribly and cant wait for my next 'dose' of Miss Moss.
You also get 11 other covers featuring fashions hottest shit to date including Daisy Lowe, Alice Delllal and Jourdan Dunn.

Kate I love youuuuuu U little hottie. Whatever will you do next?!


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