Tuesday, 21 July 2009


I know I am probably going Mossy mad! But isn't this picture just beautiful? Moss U really are a vision of perfection.
Source: Katemossonline
And a quick note: I am having a major moment with edgy rings and necklaces.. I want to adopt a more 'punk' style, I thought of shaving some of my hair off, but then my mother told me I would regret it and so I agreed! I wish I was brave enough to do it! In the meantime check out some amazing jellewery brands: Dominic Jones & Kielmead.


  1. Kate Moss really is one in a million! I love seeing that kind of punk style, but have also never been brave enough to go that far

  2. she looks beautiful as always, i wish i could have her body!
    shaving your head is probably not a good idea if you have to think twice about it...it's a reallly gutsy move, i would never although rihanna can rock it!

  3. oh thanks for commenting on my blog, because of it i found yours and i love it!